FRP Staircare SC-R Project

Sydney Aquarium and Wild Life Zoo, Staircare FRP Product Applications

Shark Enclosure

The high exposure to saltwater rusted the existing galvanized access platform to the shark enclosure and the threat of collapsing created a danger to staff and visitors.

Staircare designed and supplied SC-R38 square mesh grating utilizing isophthalic polyester resin with silicon carbide anti-slip grit suitable for high exposure to saltwater. The entire grating was finished in black so that it is not visible from the underwater glass viewing tunnels. To create a safer working environment each step edge was highlighted with a yellow strip.

Dugong Enclosure

After the success of the shark enclosure, Sydney Aquarium decided to replace an existing timber structure with Staircare SC-R38 square mesh , FRP platform and stairs treads with yellow top edge strips.  The stair treads and platform have a silicon carbide anti slip grit over the entire area, other than a 500mm wide strip along the perimeter of the platform.  This area has a smooth finish so that it would no aggravate the Dugongs sensitive skin when they lean against it.

Crocodile Enclosure

The roof top walkway high above “Rocky” the crocodiles’ enclosure , gets very slippery when wet.  Staircare designed and installed a hinged walkway that can be lifted in sections for easy cleaning.  The walkway includes SC-R 38 x 38 FRP square mesh, SC-R 101 x 101 FRP angle with stainless steel hinges.  The FRP angle was used to bolt the walkway to concrete columns to avoid damaging the roof membrane.

Penguin Enclosure

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium required Staircare to build supporting platforms for nesting in their Gentoo Penguin Exhibit.

A total of 16 SC-R platforms have been supplied in two different sizes utilizing SC-R 38 x 38 FRP square mesh with a smooth top finish, fixed to SC-R152 FRP H-beam supports.  The two platforms support the nesting ring that form the outside of the nest.  The whole nesting mount was then frozen over.

Gentoo penguins collect pebbles and build their own nests inside these rings.

Rock Wallaby and Wombat Enclosure

Sydney Wild Life Zoo required Staircare to design, fabricate and install SC-R stair  FRP ladder for safe access to the Rock Wallaby rock ledge.

The design included a solid plate to cover the  first steps to stop the wombat from climbing.

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