FRP Staircare SC-R Range

FRP Custom Fabrication

Staircare SC-R Made to Measure FRP Custom Fabrication

Staircare’s FRP structure design and fabrication processes are operated in close consultation with our clients to ensure satisfaction throughout all stages of initial concept to final completion. These structures are made to comply with relevant Australian standards and our products have been tested both in-house and by external professionals. By doing so, we are able to have complete confidence and assurance in the products we provide.  At Staircare, we are constantly refining, upgrading and improving our existing products to ensure we are providing a  high quality service.

Robust structures can also be delivered to locations complete or in manageable components for assembly on site, depending on your needs.


SC-R structures are made from FRP with a suitable resin system and UV protection designed to meet individual site requirements for the most demanding environments.

  • Low installation costs, easy to assemble
  • No welding or need for hot works permits
  • Light weight, high strength to weight, and no need for heavy lifting equipment.
  • High impact tolerance, does not deform.
  • Exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • No electrical and thermal conductivity for use in electrical substations and the power industry in general.
  • UV resistant with fire retardant.
  • Custom colours and finishes.
  • Low maintenance, no re painting, easily cleaned with water pressure for a long service life.

FRP Fabrication

Staircare SC-R complete structures:  either build to your specification or we offer our design and fabrication service:-

  • FRP work platforms or instrumentation stands, non-conductive, non-magnetic and no thermal conductivity with exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • FRP staircase including all substructures, stringers, stair treads and handrails.
  • FRP walk ways, access platforms and decking
  • FRP handrails, ready-made panels
  • FRP crossovers for railway or pipelines
  • FRP air conditioning roof top walkways, work platforms and structural A/C unit support

For more information on our FRP fabrication service, see below product information sheet.

Product Information Sheet

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