FRP Staircare SC-R Range

Rooftop Walkways

Air Conditioning Rooftop Walkways, Work FRP Platforms & Structural A/C unit supports

Staircare SC-R Air Conditioning Roof Top Walkways, Handrails, Work Platforms and Structural A/C Supports provide safe and versatile access. SC-R grating, Stair treads, handrails and structural shapes combine to an FRP composite material system with UV protection that provides the ultimate in corrosion resistance. The product is light weight, has high strength to weight and there is no welding or need for hot works permits. During the manufacturing process silicon carbide is incorporated to form an inseparable gritted surface on decking and stair treads to offer maximum slip protection. Walkways, handrails and platform are designed and build to comply with Australian standard.

Typical standards that Staircare SC-R platforms conform with, but no exclusive too:-

  • AS 1657-2013; fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, Construction and Installation.
  • AS 4586:2013; Slip Resistance Classification of New Pedestrian Surface Materials.
  • AS 1428.1-2009; Design for Access and Mobility.
  • ESC 520; Level Crossings – Rail Corp Engineering Standard, Version 2.3 Issued July 2010.

SC-R platforms are made from FRP with a suitable resin system and UV protection designed to meet individual site requirements for the most demanding environments.

  • Low installation costs, easy to assemble
  • No welding or need for hot works permits
  • Light weight, high strength to weight, and no need for heavy lifting equipment.
  • High impact tolerance, does not deform.
  • Exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • No electrical and thermal conductivity for use in electrical substations and the power industry in general.
  • UV resistant with fire retardant.
  • Custom colours and finishes.
  • Low maintenance, no re painting, easily cleaned with water pressure for a long service life.

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