FRP Staircare SC-R Range


Staircare SC-R fiber reinforced polymer FRP grating, stair treads, structural shapes and handrails combine to create an FRP system that provides safe and versatile access.

Staircare SC-R made from FRP composite material offers the best available combination of strength, resilience and corrosion resistance. During the manufacturing process silicon carbide is incorporated to form an inseparable gritted surface on decking and stair  treads to offer maximum slip protection.  Our structures are designed and built to comply with Australian and international standards.

Depending on the environment, different resins such as isophthalic polyester, vinyl ester or phenolic are used in the construction of grates and plates. They are suitable for high exposure to saltwater and offer high resistance to fumes and chemicals such as; acid, alkali, solvent liquids and petrochemical spillage.

FRP grates and gritted cover plates resist high impact loads without permanent deformation and will recover to their original form.

FRP Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Staircare’s FRP structure design and fabrication processes are operated in close consultation with our clients to ensure satisfaction throughout all stages of initial concept to final completion.

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FRP Hand & Guardrails

Hand & Guardrails

Staircare FRP handrail SC-R™ offer strength, durability and versatility  of installation with many advantages over traditional materials. It is a lightweight modular system with multiple use.

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Staircare SC-R FRP Walkways


Staircare SC-R grating provide lightweight, corrosion resistant and non-conductive walking surfaces for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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Staircare SR-R Finishes and structure

Finishes & Structure

Staircare SC-R Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer FRP products come in 2 structures (Moulded and Pultruded) to suit a range of applications. Once the appropriate FRP structure is chosen, the product can then be constructed with your selected finish.

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Grating & Cover Grating

Grating & Cover Grating

The SC-R Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Grating make up the core of the FRP range, providing flooring, step and walkway solutions in heavy duty applications, such as factories, workshops and Offshore platforms. 

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FRP Platforms & Crossovers

Platforms & Crossovers

Staircare SC-R platforms and Crossovers are entirely made from FRP composite material, they are non-conductive and provide the ultimate in corrosions resistance. SC-R grating, stair treads, structural shapes and handrails combine to an FRP system that provides safe and versatile access.

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FRP Rooftop Walkways

Rooftop Walkways

Staircare SC-R Air Conditioning Roof Top Walkways, Handrails, Work Platforms and Structural A/C Supports provide safe and versatile access. SC-R grating, Stair treads, handrails and structural shapes combine to an FRP composite material system with UV protection that provides the ulimate in corrosion resistance.

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FRP Structural Shapes

Structural Shapes

Pultruded structural components for industrial and marine use. SC-R standard range of FRP profiles, grating and top cover grating used for fabrication.

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Staircare SC-R FRP Composite Staircase Systems

Stair Systems

Combining grating, flooring, stair treads, structural shapes and handrails to form an accessible FRP Stair System that’s both non-corrosive & non-conductive.

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