FRP Staircare SC-R Range

SC-R 38×38 Square Mesh

FRP Grating SC-R 38×38 Square Mesh Panel

The SC-R 38×38 Square Mesh Panel is an ideal choice for both industrial and architectural applications, offering a range of features to meet your project’s needs.

FRP Grating SC-R 38x38 Square Mesh

SC-R 38x38 Square Mesh

FRP Grating SC-R 38×38 Square Mesh Specifications:

  • Panel Thickness & Bar Thickness (Top/Bottom):

    • 13mm: 5.8/5.0mm
    • 25mm: 6.5/5.0mm
    • 38mm: 7.0/5.0mm
    • 50H: 11.0/9.0mm
  • Open Rate:

    • 13mm: 87%
    • 25mm: 68%
    • 38mm: 68%
    • 50H: 56%
  • Standard Panel Size:

    • 1220×3660mm
    • 1220×2440mm
  • Weight per Square Meter:

    • 13mm: 6.00 kg
    • 25mm: 12.30 kg
    • 38mm: 19.50 kg
    • 50H: 42.00 kg

Why Choose FRP Grating SC-R 38×38 Square Mesh Panel?

FRP Grating, or Fibre Reinforced Plastic Grating, is renowned for its durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion. These panels are lightweight yet robust, making them easy to handle and install. The high open rate ensures efficient drainage and ventilation, while the various thickness options cater to different load-bearing requirements.

Whether for walkways, platforms, or architectural features, the SC-R 38×38 Square Mesh Panel provides an effective solution that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Available in standard sizes, these panels can be customised to fit specific project dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Ideal for harsh environments, FRP Grating is resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, ensuring a long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. Choose the SC-R 38×38 Square Mesh Panel for a reliable, high-quality grating solution.

Bar Thickness
Open Rate Standard Panel Size Wt./Sq.M
13 5.8/5.0 87% 1220×3660, 1220×2440 6.00Kgs
25 6.5/5.0 68% 1220×3660, 1220×2440 12.30Kgs
38 7.0/5.0 68% 1220×3660, 1220×2440 19.50Kgs
50H 11.0/9.0 56% 1220×3660, 1220×2440 42.00Kgs

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