SC-R 100 Tread Cover

Staircare FRP SC-R100 Stair Nosing

Staircare reinforced SC-R 100 stair tread cover can be installed to just about any stair tread requiring serious slip protection and highlighting of the step edge.

SC-R150 Tread Cover

Staircare FRP SC-R150 Stair Nosing

Staircare SCR-150 Designed to cover part of the stair and to minimise slipping on Chequered Plate, Steel. Grated, Concrete or any other slippery surface stairs. SC-R150 is available in  yellow or black and yellow contrasting nose, this is particularly suited if delineation is of concern Size: 150mm x 25mm x upto 2000mm long, other lengths … Read more

SC-R230 Tread Cover

Staircare FRP SC-R230 Stair Nosing

Designed to cover most of, or the entirety of the step. SC-R230 is available in safety yellow and has a heavy duty silicon carbide anti-slip grit.